updating for smartphones (if you haven’t already)

I recognize yesterday’s encouragement to make your collegiate ministry “smartphone ready” may seem a bit… late. But I’d imagine in the sometimes-overwhelming nature of each school year, making wide-ranging updates – especially ones that can take some know-how and some TIME – might fall through the cracks. I’d guess that most college ministries still haven’t made this sort of overhaul.

If your ministry is already especially “digital,” please forgive the digression! But maybe I’ll have some ideas even you can consider.

But if you’re wondering what might be involved in updating your campus ministry along these lines, here’s a first list. I’ll continue tomorrow (there’s a lot we could be doing!).

Online Engagement: One place to start might be the most obvious: designing your web presence for the “small screen.” This probably means basic things like having a mobile-ready site and avoiding Flash (which iPhones don’t like), no matter how “flashy” it once made your web presence. But it also means expanding your reach beyond just a web site and Facebook into venues like YouTube, Instagram, and Vine. Don’t know where to expand? Ask your students.

Advertising with Immediacy in View: Are you advertising during Orientations and other campus visits this summer? Remember, future students might visit your site right then; what will they see if they do? Are you advertising a mobile site just for freshmen? What about posting a QR code?

Encouraging Sharing: How often do students officially check in to your events – even your weekly events? On a regular basis, your students’ online presences could be blowing up with references to your ministry. If that’s not built in to your ministry yet, setting it up now for a culture-shift in the fall might make a lot of sense.

These are some ways advertising and communication expand with phones… tomorrow, using phones within your ministry’s activities.

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