dorms, orientations, and other sundry eternal details

You’ve got a crop of freshmen coming, and hopefully you have some way to get in touch with them – or even their parents. Maybe you get names and can send things, or maybe you have to be more “creative” – working through youth groups in your city or state, connecting with people when they’re on campus to tour or for summer orientation, etc.. Maybe you can get the word out and seek contact info through Facebook, alumni and present students, or a well-positioned (and well-advertised) web site.

IF you do have that significant means of communication, then have you considered helping incoming students do more than just find your ministry? There are eternal decisions being made right now – roommates selected, dorms selected, classes scheduled, orientations (formal and informal) chosen. And you and your student leaders know far more than members of the Class of ’16 know. Why wouldn’t you mix in wisdom about these “sundry details” while you also disciple them about finding a college ministry?


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