put them in charge… now (a fridea)

As a campus minister, you’re likely a fan of student leadership and the closely connected student ownership. But how often do you let students “own” major parts of your ministry in the same way that you do?

I would guess that you already have 75% or more of next school year planned! Sure, you might not have it “down on paper,” so maybe “planned” is too strong a word. But between the ministry’s year-to-year “standard form” and the new ideas that you’ve been considering for awhile, I’d be surprised if the large majority of next year’s skeleton isn’t in place.

And if that’s the case, here’s the Fridea:

Put a couple of students – or more – in charge of something major. And get them started right now, in the summer.

This month, I’ve had the chance to organize a giant, churchwide effort around the issue of Hunger. Of course, I’ve had the HUGE help of my staff team and literally hundreds of volunteers (not to mention years’ worth of notes and ideas from others’ experiences in years past). But I’ve had the chance to “run point” on this, and it’s been so exciting to see something come together, and hopefully I’ve done a good job with it.

What in your ministry is student-owned in that way – where students are truly in charge from the beginning in a make-or-break, all your eggs in one student-team-basket way? For that to happen, they might just need to start now.

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