the in-classroom mission

I know that it’s become cliche for students to try to share Christ explicitly within their college classes… and sometimes we cringe at zealous examples of this that don’t seem all that wise (or winsome).

But we also don’t want to throw out the baby with the bathwater, right? Even if there are types of in-classroom ministry that we find unwise, there are plenty of other ways students can minister to / share Christ with fellow students and even professors.

So what encouragement and exhortation did you give your students in that area this past year? Did we offer wisdom on the topic? Did we prod our students to step out of their classroom comfort zones… while encouraging approaches that are respectful and might actually work? Have we created forums for students to share methods, to ask advice, to pray for each other about this?

The classroom is a chance for impact. But just like every other place on (and off) campus, students need to be trained and encouraged to be the missionaries they should be!

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  1. Mark

    Those that do feel led to speak up with boldness in a class need to be reminded that they just might be used in the lives of some of those timid Christian onlookers that are staying quiet and feelin’ guilty. I felt like I was watching Stephen getting stoned, but it was a lesson I needed then, and it is still used in my life today.

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