discovery retreat (fridea on monday)

I posted this idea awhile back, but it connected too well with the last two posts that I wanted to include it here. I’ve edited it to fit the present theme, too. (Read last week’s posts on Figuring Out Who You’re Missing and Balancing Your Leadership Core.)

The idea? Build a retreat or a series of discussions around helping students discover their identity – and pay attention to what they learn.

A college ministry I volunteered in used a retreat to teach on and discuss spiritual gifts, complete with having students work through one of those helpful “spiritual gifts inventories.” You could do the same thing with personality tests – from DISC or Choleric, Sanguine, etc. to something more hearty, like Myers-Briggs. Heck, you could even try to get through the whole SHAPE inventory.

As I mentioned last week, Strengthsfinder would be an excellent resource, too.

This doesn’t have to be ministry-wide, either (although that could be significant). You could make this your Leadership Retreat, or even build something like Strengthsfinder in to your leadership applications.

Finally, like so many things we do, you could also tailor some of this emphasis for the campus at-large. Plenty of non-Christian or non-involved students might be drawn to something that could help them find their place in the world… and that’s a great bridge toward helping them find their place in the Kingdom, too.

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