quick answers

Somehow this never got posted yesterday…

I am a huge fan of both college ministry literature (books, blogs, articles, etc.) and college ministry conferences.

But one of the reasons they’re so attractive for many college ministers is because we – naturally – want quick answers. We want to know a quick “how,” discovered through 150 pages or one brief weekend or an emailed response that we hope “boils down” the secrets to building strong ministries.

The problem is, collegiate ministry does not work best that way. Even though you can gain much by listening to just about ANY other campus minister, you will only have your best possible college ministry when you do the work of a missionary.

Learn your mission field.

Love your mission field.

Pray like crazy.

Contextualize as much as you can.

“Discover” the processes and systems that your mission field needs, whether they’re unique to your campus or used nationwide. The point is, you discover them as you learn your campus; as God reveals what they need, you learn what to give them.

It takes months to start well and years to get awesome. And that’s only if you’re putting the time in, throughout those years, to be a missionary to your campus tribe.

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