summer lovin’ #7: show off (a fridea)

To close out my “Summer Lovin'” series, here’s a Fridea I first presented a couple of years ago… and it’s one that may be way, way outside the box for some of us. But if we’re dedicated to “doing life” with and among our students, shouldn’t we be doing things at least like this?

When’s the last time you took a young collegiate couple on a double date with you and your spouse?

That might seem like an awkward idea – and no doubt there would be some awkwardness – but I can’t think of a better way to teach college students to date well… and marry well, too.

Along the same lines: whether you’re married or not, I hope college students get to hang out with you at your home on occasion. I hope they see you in your “work life,” too, even if that’s simply some behind-the-scenes college ministry work. I hope they rub shoulders with you in your other ministry habitats, too – like your church, your neighborhood, and your city.

Letting students into our lives is a chance to show them what they should aspire to – aspire to as adults, as spouses, as family men and family women, as employees, as church members. And even what they can aspire to in dating relationships.

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  1. great idea. We actually did this last night. Chuck Bomar calls it non-mentoring mentoring. Nothing profound in our conversation. The young lady got to see our baby spit up on me. It’s just spending time makes a world of difference.

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