summer lovin’ #6: roommates & friendships

We recognize that students both need, and are drawn to discussions of dating relationships, the lure of sex, and related topics. Obviously, there are plenty of “ditches” our students fall into along this line… and also lots of promise in this area, too. Plus, these things are on students’ minds a lot – why not scratch where they itch?

But while not everybody is dating, all of your students are presently dealing with friendships. And what’s more, many of them have roommates. And if those two areas aren’t vital for building great future husbands and wives, I don’t know what are!

Both of those spheres are laboratories for learning the very skills students will take into marriage someday. And of course, there’s huge opportunity for students to become better in those actual relationships – friendships and “roommateships” – right now.

Are we letting those areas serve as labs for marriage, while training students to glorify God in those relationships presently, too? Do students see the connections?

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