summer lovin’ #3: resting easier

Toward the end of our rehearsal dinner a couple of weeks ago, I shared with our crowd how God had pushed me – from early high school days – to trust Him about finding love. Like most guys, girls were on my mind – a lot – but I think my personality is particularly ill-suited to resting in the Lord’s sovereignty. So God has had to push me, convict me, encourage me time and time again over the past many years.

For lots of your students, a key issue of both these days and future years is trusting the Lord about even getting dates – not to mention finding a mate! Of course, TRUST applies far beyond our romantic lives… but for me (and I’m sure many others), that’s been one of the easiest places in which God could teach me about trusting His goodness, provision, wisdom, and timing. For most of us, our romantic hopes feel awfully poignant… and awfully out of our control. So it’s a very personal place in which God can form some major character!

How is your work facilitating a very basic, very foundational TRUST within your students? How well will your students trust God in the years beyond college – about relationships and everything else?

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