a list and a plan (a fridea)

While the fragrance of the school year is still with you, I encourage you to decide now how you’ll push your ministry forward this summer.

What are three things you (and even other volunteers or student leaders) will do to improve your efforts at your school this summer?

It’s easy to see summer as SIMPLY a time for fundraising, reaching home-grown students, and gearing up to hit the ground running in August.

But what if you “took some new ground” this summer? Could you spend time learning about a particular area of your ministry? Could you develop your social media efforts, so they’re stronger in the fall? Could you take a class that would help deepen your walk or your ministry skills? Could you help your student leaders become experts in whatever area they’re overseeing, whether that’s Hospitality, the Large Group Meeting, Service, Evangelism, or Small Groups? Could you bring in a colleague or other “fresh eyes” to brainstorm more effective ministry?

The Fridea this week is to make that list – of three or so things – and then make a plan for getting that done. Foundation building never feels all that spectacular, and it’s hard to motivate ourselves to do it. So while you’re still reminded of the things you wish you’d done last summer… why not make a list and a plan?

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