college ministry and the nine-day countdown

I happen to be getting married in 9 days near Austin, Texas. (It’s if you want to see our story.)

Incidentally (and slightly unfortunately for our plans), the University of Texas holds its graduation that same day.

But that got me thinking: It’s likely you have several students who have started a mental countdown to their own graduation, or to the summer, or to going home, or to a new job, or even to their own wedding! For some of them, their change of scenery may take place in as few as 9 days.

If you were around me during these next 9 days, I’d love to talk to you about my plans – and I’d be encouraged by any advice you could give.

The question is, How will you engage those students during their countdown?

The semester isn’t over. The chance to impact isn’t over. And while you’ll still have opportunity after graduation or home-going or job-starting or marriage-beginning, there might be less impact then. What you share – personally, authentically, boldly – in this short time is likely to STICK better than much of what you’ve said all semester.

How will you engage their countdown?

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