participating IN your ministry (and a bonus)

Another takeaway from last week’s Catalyst conference came once again from Andy Stanley. He emphasized multiple times that when it comes to a Sunday morning, he is under the authority of their Sunday Service Director.

Yes, he’s the Senior Pastor at Northpoint. But on Sundays, he recognizes he’s one cog in the wheel of what takes place. So he’s open to “Change your shirt!” or “Don’t say that in the next service,” because he recognizes that it’s a team effort, regardless of his position in the org chart on Mondays. The same is true when it comes time to evaluate Sunday mornings: He’s part of the process, not the leader of it.

Two things for college ministers from that:

1. When do you, as college minister, step “into” your ministry and come under the direction of others? Do you ever participate in an event planned by student leaders? Are you receiving real, honest feedback from other staff, from volunteers, or from students? Have you given that level of ownership to student leaders and other leaders?

But the second question is just a bonus:

2. Do you have a team dedicated to making your Large Group Meeting fantastic?

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