“a fantasy come to life”

I saw a clip of a Jules Verne movie yesterday. It described a flying machine – the “Albatross,” I believe – as “a fantasy come to life.” This sort of convertible airplane was a “science fiction” dream that, at least in the movie, had actually come to pass.

What are your “science fiction dreams” for your collegiate ministry? Have you had a chance at some point to even dream those kinds of things recently?

Good to Great might call these your “Big Hairy Audacious Goals,” although I’m really even pointing us a step beyond that… to bigger-than-probable DREAMS. It’s a helpful exercise to play with “science-fictiony” ideas that appeal more to your imagination than they do your analyzation. For sure, some of these ideas might come to pass at some point. But other dreams might simply inspire and excite… and lead to other, more “practical” real-life innovations as well.

Dreaming is valuable. Have you had that chance recently?

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