go learn (a fridea for summertime)

If you’ve been around the blog for long, you’ve heard me make this appeal before: Go to another campus, and learn from another college minister.

Take it from the guy who has sat down with probably 400 college ministers – there is much to be learned from even one two-hour conversation with an experienced college minister. And if you take the time this summer to do that once, twice, or even a few times, your ministry will be better.

So that’s the Fridea, simple as it is. Find another campus minister to sit down with OR to share a phone call with. Make it clear you’re going to pick their brain. Get to know their ministry a little (via the web) before you call. Write questions in advance and go into the conversation ready to learn.

And have a blast. (Which shouldn’t be hard!)


  1. Seth A

    YES!! Do this. I did it this week and I have a few I want to meet with early in the summer. I’ve learned so much from other campus ministers over the years. And it’s intriguing to see what you can learn from others who are at universities and ministries unlike yours. It’s also fascinating to do this as an exercise in reflection over the past year. I remember one year in particular that I was wondering “what just happened?” and it was during story time with other campus ministers that I heard things very much like my year and very unlike my year. It helped me sort what just happened and what needed to happen.

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