the implanting evaluation

One of the better evaluations for our college ministry work is this:

Through the years, have we been implanting Christian influencers in a variety of areas throughout society?

Can you look throughout the graduating classes of the past several years, and see lots of individuals making a difference in their small (or big) worlds? Are they “yeasty,” spreading the Kingdom, making ripples for Jesus in the places they’ve settled? Time and time again, are the stories pouring in? Are you really changing the world, one graduate at a time?

I would rather be the leader of a small ministry that regularly produces fruit-bearing college graduates than a giant one that produces fruit-bearing college students. Make sense?

I know this is a tough question. I don’t know how well I’d score, either. But it’s one we have to ask.

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  1. I hope that I would make good disciples. I struggle with this because of the issue of success. It helps to have a staff that understand the fruit in college ministry isn’t seen for years.


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