musing on interleague play

My beloved Texas Rangers were playing the Cubs last night; if you’re unfamiliar, that’s an American League team playing a National League team. That didn’t used to happen anytime but the World Series, but now there are several interleague games built into the season.

That got me asking the weird question – I ask a lot of weird questions – about what our “interleague games” as college ministries are.

Maybe an “interleague game” for us would be joining our ministry with another ministry on campus – in service, a campus-wide outreach, or even a weekly Large Group.

Maybe it would be giving the message or leading the worship for another ministry (and letting them cross over to yours in the same way).

Or what if it meant taking part in a similar collegiate ministry at another campus?

In any case, these are healthy ways to shake things up, encourage unity, and think about what God is doing elsewhere. Does your ministry have a good chance for some “interleague play”?

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