show ’em (a fridea)

I have the fantastic chance to lead a mission trip to Ethiopia this July! As a part of our training, we’re practicing evangelistic techniques (including the Evangecube for this storytelling culture!). We’ve practiced plenty, but one of the coolest moments of that training was watching one of the longtime leaders of these trips simply do the Evangecube himself.

It got me thinking: How often do you show students exactly how you do something you encourage them to do?

It’s so easy to teach and prod and teach and explain and teach and exhort… without once giving them a living example to follow. And yet some people simply need to see “it” (whatever “it” is) in action.

This isn’t just about evangelism. If you’re teaching apologetics, how to encourage others, how to work through conflict, or something to say in class… any of these things can be acted out (by you, a student, or a volunteer adult). Other examples may be harder to pull off but just as effective: how to date, for example.

So the Fridea for this week is to consider where you might act out your exhortations in the weeks and semesters to come.

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