improvements that span the summer

It seems like around this time each year, I issue an encouragement not to give up your focus on excellence, energy, and investment. Yes, the school year is winding down – but it hasn’t wound down yet; “fulfill the ministry you have received.”

One way to do that is to consider improvements to undertake right now. What in your campus ministry needs tweaking? Which needs might be easy to avoid until the fall… but which God has revealed already? Could you make any of those improvements now?

And this actually isn’t the worst time to consider a few tweaks. For one thing, a little “trial and error” is far less risky at this point. You also stagger your changes, since others will come in the fall as well – which can be helpful for the morale of your ministry’s students AND leaders. You might also have a clearer calendar at this point, allowing any improvements you do make to be thought through and carried out particularly well.

And who knows? Several of your improvements might not only span the summer in the sense that they last until next school year… those improvements might actually stick in students’ minds and give you a jump-start on excitement for the year to come!

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  1. Most campus ministries are in the process of surfacing new leaders for the next year. Changes, tweaks and new adventures at this time of the year may be a good way to put on display the new incoming leadership.

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