building a library (a fridea)

Tremper Longman’ latest edition of his awesome Old Testament Commentary Survey came out this week, so I’m geeking out on biblical commentaries. Which leads to this week’s Fridea.

I don’t know what your ministry budget looks like, but have you ever considered building a theological or biblical studies library for your students’ use?

Students have access to all sorts of theological resources online nowadays, so I’d probably lean toward the latter category – biblical studies – if I was building a library right now. (And it’s a great help for your own message prep, too.) Having a couple of great, accessible commentaries on each book of the Bible might be a place to start.

If I was starting from scratch, I’d begin by looking at a few sets: the New International Version Application Commentary, the new editions of the Expositor’s Bible Commentary (and the old ones, which you can get cheap), and the Tyndale Old and New Testament Commentary.

But that’s just me. You can decide what your students need. With summer coming up, though, it might be a great time to do a little research and pull some things that will help your students, your leaders, students (Christian and otherwise) who aren’t a part of your ministry, and even yourself.

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