radically ready (a fridea on thursday)

Because it’s Easter weekend, this week’s Fridea comes on Thursday- and is a quick assessment of a ministry’s readiness for Easter.

Do you think the average student in your college ministry feels radically prepared to share the gospel with others? If faith comes up during Easter with family, old friends, even strangers… will they be “prepared to give a reason for the hope that they have”? Do they know they’re prepared?

If the average Christian student in your ministry isn’t at that point now… this week’s Fridea is worth considering:

Make sure as many students as possible feel abundantly prepared to share their faith. It’s not just a question of preparing them. It’s about helping them feel prepared.

You can do very little with those who don’t want this preparation. But I bet there are LOTS of students who would love to feel radically ready to talk about Christ.

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