the question new (and old) collegiate ministers should ask

I recently had the chance to do lunch with a guy involved with a campus-based group – Baptist Student Ministries – at a local campus. He told me a great story.

A local church – one of the biggest in Dallas – is considering starting some ministry on this campus. As the college minister from the big church began “scouting the land,” he sat down with the BSM folks.

The first question he asked? “What should we not do?”

My suspicion is that for most ministers in that same position – big local churches, big national organizations, fully funded groups or individuals – actually deferring to the present Christian ministers isn’t on the radar. Starting with, “What should we NOT do?,” is indeed an amazing way to begin. And it would be an excellent question to ask our colleagues once a year or so.

A willingness to believe – and even act on – the answers we hear is probably even rarer.

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