how’s your visionary advance / quality control ratio?

Having been in Christian ministry for awhile, I’ve come to realize just how much of a role our individual personalities play in how we manage our organizations. So maybe one of the huge keys to organizational excellence is learning to be strong in areas we aren’t strong naturally.

Because you’re reading a blog, it’s likely that many of you are learners and “quality control specialists” of some sort or another. You do a pretty great job of making sure the purposes you’ve brought to your campus ministry are both being accomplished and are accomplish-able (they’re not unreasonable goals, nor do they demand too much of student leaders and volunteers).

Others of you may be strong in the “visionary” department, and you’re really well-versed in advancing the ministry through big leaps. You started a couple of new programs last semester, perhaps… with at least two more on the horizon before August. You see all the possibilities for impact, and you’ve already sent several emails or Facebook messages designed to get going on those hopes.

If either of those descriptions – the “intentionality” minister or the “movement” minister – fits you even remotely, then this question is for you:

How well is your ministry accomplishing the other one?

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