the radical choice to shepherd year round

You may be past Spring Break, or you may at least be reading this past Spring Break… or you may need to note this for just after Spring Break.

Whatever the case, you have the chance this summer to impact your students during the summer. And yet to make that radical choice*, you probably need to begin planning right now. So gather a student team, your staff team, or just a few hours between you and the Lord – and plan not to deny your school-year-students some summertime shepherding.

I know it’s tricky. I know it takes all kinds of attention in a season when it’s nice to rest, to plan, to fundraise, and/or to concentrate on other students. But they’re your sheep!

*Yes, it’s a radical choice. For far too many of us college ministers, we take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to our students. It’s even built in, it seems, to the way many of us have been trained to “do” collegiate ministry. Yet we are almost certainly our students’ primary shepherds throughout their college years. Why in the world would we “leave them be” for three or four months each year?

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