lead a (local) vision trip (a fridea)

I’ve written a few times this week about an area we don’t often invest in enough – communicating with our supporters and (especially) our overseers. So I figured the Fridea would be another practical way to do just that.

Have you ever considered leading a “Vision Trip” through your own campus? In foreign missions, a vision trip to a foreign country enables outsiders to imagine what a long-term partnership might look like. Instead of direct missions work, a “vision trip” allows for vision-casting about what ministry could and should entail… and it hopefully pushes the participants to bring groups back, support the mission financially, or otherwise reach that land.

We can do the same thing.

Our newsletters, 10-minute reports to our boss, or a spreadsheet full of numbers (clearly) aren’t enough to share the vision of what we’re doing. But on your campus, you can. Whether it’s bringing one senior pastor out to the “mission field” or holding a special weekend for your top supporters, there’s a chance to provide a well-planned, intentional Vision Trip on your campus.

Help them see the fields, white unto harvest.

Let them see the darkness you’re fighting.

Let them see the potential in the students you’re reaching.

Make them wish they could be a part of a work called “collegiate ministry”… and then remind them that they already are.

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