upgrading for overseers & supporters

Yesterday, I reviewed the various ways college ministers in the four branches are overseen and funded.

Today, I’m taking a practical turn to look at ways we can “upgrade” our relationships with our overseers and other supporters. Now’s a good time in the semester / quarter to work on this area… an area that’s probably far more important than we often think.

So what can we do to improve on this area? Below are a few thoughts, and I’ll add to the list tomorrow!

Let them (or force them) into your story. Not all overseers are interested in the nuts-and-bolts – or even the fruit – of what’s going on. So if that’s your situation, you shouldn’t necessarily take apathy for an answer! Consider moving beyond the standard reports and come up with clever, effective ways to tell your story in ways that will draw them in. Church-based college minister, does your Senior Pastor or Education Minister know about that recent success? Have you “sold” what you do as a form of missions yet? Institutional college minister, does the school’s President get a “briefing” from you? Is it slapped together at the last minute, or do you prepare with wisdom and excellence? And so on.

Ask for wisdom. Of course you might call your overseers in for some major decisions. But do you do the same for your financial supporters? And for both groups, do you ever use them simply for counsel (and not just “commands”)? Some of your overseers and supporters might genuinely enjoy playing an additional “advisory” role, even on some nuts-and-bolts issues. And it’s likely in this “multitude of counselors” you’ll find some wisdom, too.

Simply do more. Maybe you’re generally excited about the ways you involve your overseers and supporters in what you do. Now’s a good chance to think about how you could do more – not just a greater amount, but thinking about all the “axes” of your method. How could you involve more people (the Who)? Could you be more regular with your involvement (the When)? Or yes, could you simply do more to involve your supporters and overseers (the What)?

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