a shift toward more intimate community

Another shift a college ministry can consider is adjusting the level of intimacy they encourage within their community structures. Whether those “structures” are formal (through official Small Groups, for example) or more organic, they each have a certain level of vulnerability, authenticity, and interconnectedness among the members.

When students are thinking about changing their majors, are they processing that within their community?

When students face a major hurt or even a tragedy, will other members of your ministry know about it within the hour?

As life plans – career, marriage, graduation date, church choice – are made, are students discussing those issues with others and getting counsel from people who know them well?

Each campus ministry has to decide what “level” of intimacy they’re going to encourage and foster. But one big point to realize is that it is a decision. Whether you’ve meant to make it or not, you’ve set up your small groups and other structures to foster a certain level of intimacy. If you chose to shift – even a little bit – toward “deeper community,” you could.

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