the shift toward calling

Last week I began looking at some major shifts any college ministry might consider… and they’re major shifts indeed.

Today’s might not seem as major as moving to a “complementary” format or becoming a church. But it would actually be quite a dramatic adjustment for many campus ministries, since it reflects one of the areas we seem to have addressed least in our field.

That shift involves Discipling students to live out their vocational callings faithfully and brilliantly.

Despite the fact that college students are focusing (more or less!) on their vocation for more hours each week than anything else, the field of college ministry has largely left this pursuit unaddressed. We aren’t vigorously pursuing the formation of Christian architects and Christian botanists and Christian accountants. We’re not even doing much to form amazing Christian ministers, outside the fields of Collegiate Ministry and Missions.

(A very notable exception of a national ministry is the Coalition for Christian Outreach. If you’re unfamiliar, you should get to know a ministry that has made this their methodological cornerstone.)

Have you ever considered this shift? Shouldn’t a major goal be the “production” of people who live out their Christianity within their vocational callings… not despite them or around them?

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