a relationships shift (a fridea of sorts)

This week I’ve been looking at some major shifts college ministries might consider; even if we think things through as a sort of “thought practice,” we’ll benefit. And some of us may be called to do these (hard) things.

Since it’s Friday, today’s entry into this miniseries is a bit more practical, to fit with the usual Fridea approach. But it’s a major shift just the same – a shift in how a college ministry evaluates itself.

If you’re like many campus ministries, discussing Relationships is one of your easiest automatic wins. A series or even a one-off message on Dating, Love, Sex, or all of the above can draw students and engage well the ones who come.

But are you evaluating your ministry based on the quality of dating relationships within it?

Just as we should evaluate our ministries on the kind of leaders, friends, evangelists, servants, and employees it produces, we should examine the romantic relationships it produces.

Are they pure… or do we just teach about purity? Are they loyal… or do we just deride divorce from the stage? Are they extremely creative and loving and sacrificial and healthy, presenting to others relationships like they wish they had?

If this is an area we teach often (and for many of you, it is), then shouldn’t its outcomes be one of THE ways we evaluate our ministries?

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