would you, could you?

Mondays in Februaries seem like good sorts of days to ask one of the hardest questions we can ask in Collegiate Ministry:

Would you be willing to take your ministry in a radically different direction next school year?

And the second is like it:

Would you be able to see the signs that you should?

I sat down with a staff of college ministers last week who are wrestling with this same question. Their overseers are, too – wondering if the model they’ve held for several years is no longer the one they should adhere to. They’re talking major shifts, and they’re open to it.

Which we should all be. Even when we’re in giant organizations with a “standard methodology” and a handbook for “Best Practices.” Even if we’re part of a church that pays our salary. Even if it means we ourselves might need to move elsewhere. Even when it means growing smaller.

So go ahead. I encourage you to ask yourself if you’d be willing to shift. And not just away from methods and programs that are tricky anyway. Would you shift away from things that are going quite well, because you recognized ways to impact better? Are you in a position to see that change is needed?

Stay tuned this week. I think I’ll look at some of those shifts we could make, and other ideas connected to this question. Are we willing?

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