dare to double up (a fridea)

I think we college ministers run the risk of having less strategic spring semesters than we do fall semesters. There are multiple reasons for that, but I think one of them might be not recognizing the amount of turnover between early in the first semester and early in the second semester.

Why is that a problem? Well, for many college ministries, the front of the school year is the time for

  • vision-casting
  • small group recruitment
  • introductions of the college ministers
  • getting students into leadership teams
  • “mixers” and other good ways for students to learn each others’ names

…and probably more.

But what if half of your present students missed those things the first time around? Do you really want a handful – or a hundred – students to be rather “vision-less” until August? Do they not get the chance to enter a small group this spring? Do they know their leaders’ testimonies?

So the Fridea for this week is to dare to double up, to think about what elements will seem (painfully) redundant to you but won’t to your students. (And you know what? Even students who were here five months ago might not remember…!)

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