innocent as doves

Last week, I asked what responsibility – if any – we have for training students up simply to be wise. Manti Te’o’s story might be surprising, but of course huge numbers of students on our campuses are falling into ridiculousness of some variety every day.

But we don’t just want students to gain wisdom. We also want them to gain purity.

So are we producing a collegiate ministry environment that fosters innocence in regards to sin? Obviously, our students are going to sin! But there’s a difference between a ministry where students struggle well with sin, and a ministry where it’s pretty easy for sin to go unnoticed.

So that’s a great evaluation for your campus ministry: Could a plugged-in student’s sin go unnoticed for a semester?

Really – put yourself in their shoes. Obviously, if a student really wants to escape accountability or confrontation, he can. But there are ministries that make this particularly difficult… and I imagine there are ones that make it particularly easy, too.

Where on that spectrum does your college ministry fall?

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