room for e.m.?

Today I heard the story of a Texas A&M alumna whose life had been dramatically altered by attending the Impact Retreat, an enormous pre-school-year retreat for incoming Christian students at the school. This girl is significantly younger than me, and one of the cool things about hearing her story is remembering when some of my friends started Impact while I was attending A&M. It’s now a ministry impacting hundreds each year, largely because some students had a big idea.

After college, I had some neat (and scary) chances for my own “entrepreneurial ministry” adventures – including, of course, the yearlong road trip.

So my question for today is, Is there room for “entrepreneurial ministry” among your students?

As we start another semester, it’s good for us to imagine if something like Impact could be birthed from within our campus ministry, from a student or handful of students who have a God-sized and God-given vision… and run with it?

Can you honestly say this is possible within your ministry setup? Probable? Likely? Why or why not?


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