the glory of a focus

Yesterday was our church’s annual External Service Sunday; since I’m now working on that team, planning for that “focus day” has been a big part of my job.

I’ve also been a part of college ministries that had the same sort of “special focus” church service once a year. So I wonder how many of us think about requesting – and then constructing – that sort of event in our own communities? For church-based college ministries, this should be a no-brainer. But even for those serving in a campus-based ways, I think there’s the opportunity to highlight the work we’re doing in a variety of churches near us.

Just like missionaries do, when they come home.

Are there churches in your town that would let you present an entire service? Could you present a video highlighting your campus tribe and the work there? Could you – or even a student – preach the message, or at least share about what’s going on? Could your worship band play a part? Could leaders answer questions about how the congregation members could get involved through giving, praying, hosting, mentoring, or volunteering?

There’s a lot of good that could come from a day highlighting your work within the campus tribe. What would it take to get this to happen where you are?

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