semester long ideas: student team

The last of this week’s semester-long ideas involves delegation… of the kind that still happens far too little in the world of college ministry.

I realize that plenty of us delegate something to students – the worship band, Bible study leadership, maybe a social justice team, event-planning team, etc.. But I think we’re less likely to give over behind-the-scenes operations, to put a group of students (or even one student or a couple of students) in charge of something we see as a major aspect of our ministries.

This simple semester-long idea is simply to do that. And for those who already do (and there are some), the encouragement is to consider adding a team or two for this semester.

There are lots of ways to use student teams beyond the one-off or focused-service ways we often do. In fact, my examples today simply involve what I’ve already suggested this week:

Of course, there are many other ways to use a NEW student team this semester. What are you doing, as the college minister, that could be done by students?

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