semester long ideas: professors

This week, we’ve been thinking about some semester-long initiatives for our ministries, alongside all the week-to-week or one-time events we generally have planned.

Today’s idea is – I’d say – rather undeveloped. Really, it’s just one word: Professors.

Chances are, your ministry hasn’t made a big push to connect students (or the ministry as a whole) with the faculty at your college. (Maybe you have, but that seems to be rare in the world of campus ministry.)

You probably don’t have any major efforts to serve profs in specific ways, either.

Of course, we all have to decide where we focus. Maybe you don’t presently have the bandwidth to reach out to professors, or even to spend a semester helping your students see ways they can love these men and women. And yet they’ll be in direct contact with a few dozen professors during their time in college, and in ways that make it natural (though still scary) to serve them, thank them, impact them, or otherwise love them.

This would be a good fit – and a good stretch – and a radical undertaking – for many college ministries out there. Could you try it this semester, in some way that works best at your campus?

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