semester long ideas: it takes a semester

Yesterday, I started a week-long series looking at some BIG ideas for the whole upcoming semester. I talked first about reading the Bible – large swaths of it, I mean – with your students this semester.

Today’s idea is quite different, less an activity and more about how you (the college minister) use your own time.

So often as campus ministers, we seem to get so used to planning in little spurts (because of the week-to-week nature of our ministries), that the idea of planning / preparing that takes longer than a few hours feels really foreign.

But there are advances your ministry will make only if you spend a semester – or more – working on them.

Is your ministry incredible at sending Seniors off into the “real world” and spiritual success there? Getting there will take months of observing, thinking, collaborating, praying, and planning.

Have you figured out what “college students and church involvement” should look like? Is it happening in your ministry? If not, that’s months’ worth of studying, praying, collaborating…

And so on.

There are some things you’d love to see happen… no, more than that, you really believe God might have them in store for your ministry. But somewhere deep down, you know it’s going to take a lot of work.

Maybe each semester should have one such project.

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