This one’s easy, but now’s the time to do it.

  1. Get a list of all the graduating seniors – those graduating now, or those who will graduate in May or the summer.
  2. Read through the names, one-by-one. If you have staff or student leaders, you might want to do this with them (especially if you don’t know all the seniors).
  3. For each student, ask yourself, “How well do I think this person will do six months out of school?”

Fundamentally, a huge part of our job is to train students for their time after our shepherding has ended. It’s a major gut-check to ask ourselves how well we think that’s happening with specific, actual graduates (instead of simply making en masse assumptions).

No matter how excited they’ve been to plug in, or how much of a “core member” they became… how they’re doing two years out of college says a lot more about how strong our ministry is.


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