considering assumptions (a fridea)

This Fridea is a little more involved than some, but I could argue that it’s more important, too. Taken from an idea I first posted a couple of years ago, this addresses one of the larger concerns I have about our “normal way of doing things.”

The concern? That many campus ministries seem to plan their ministry almost entirely on a year-to-year basis.

Honestly, I’m not sure how much we can plan for next week – let alone nine months from now. But if we planned for May 2013 in August 2012, we made the assumption that things wouldn’t change all that much.

New students come through semester-by-semester, ideas pop up that we need to run with, new issues must be dealt with directly, changes take place on campus, and even whole ministry identity-shifts occur (unplanned) every once in a while.

The truth is, I believe your ministry and your campus are both too exciting to plan a whole year at a time.

But it’s not too late! The Fridea?

If you did rather “master plan” things back in the summer, let me encourage you to evaluate what (or whom) should be added, subtracted, tweaked, spun off, reined in, increased, decreased, encouraged, discouraged, confronted, or otherwise changed for the semester to come.

In a few areas, you might consider “re-upping,” strategically reinvesting in some of the systems and opportunities you already have in place. (In the next post, I’ll list six of the areas you should take a look at!)

The key here is to doubt what should be doubted. In this case, we should really doubt that our wisdom was formed enough several month ago to determine each of our steps for Spring 2013. It’s not a question of whether we planned some good things – I’m sure you did! The question is, Were your plans then as strong as they would be now?


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