two big updates

It’s been a long time since I’ve written any sort of personal update, but I’ve got two MAJOR changes a’coming in 2013.

Marriage! As you may have noticed on Facebook, God has brought me an amazing gal, Catherine! We hope to tie the knot in the late spring. We actually met way back in our sophomore year at Texas A&M – I even took her to a fraternity date party as friends – and then reconnected through church a couple of years ago. (In between, I learned the world of college ministry and she traveled the world…)

I can’t wait to make a home and have new adventures with my very best friend! And while Cate is not particularly a fan of stacks and stacks of college T-shirts, she is otherwise an awesome supporter of my work with college ministers around the country.

External Focus! As you may remember, I’d been hoping for a way to support myself a little better while continuing to serve Collegiate Ministry as much as I can. I’m thrilled to announce that my own church has asked me to come on board in a full-time capacity, starting in January.

I’ll be serving on what we call our “External Focus” team, which handles everything service / social justice / missions related, both locally and internationally. This area obviously dovetails with the campus ministry world already, so I’m excited to dive even more deeply into an area that’s so important to our field.

Meanwhile, I still look forward to speaking, writing, blogging, and otherwise serving College Ministry however I can. I’ll also be continuing with Books-to-Impact, which helps support me and college ministries (have you seen it?).

Thank you for all your support of me and my work. I don’t know all that God has for me in the years to come, but I’m extremely excited about these BIG steps. His portion for me is exciting indeed.

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