plan the touches (a week of frideas for this point in the semester)

This week, I’ve posted “Frideas” that are meant for use right NOW!

Today’s practical idea comes from a simple enough notion: It’s hard to imagine a good argument for not encountering your students between mid-December and late January. And yet that’s how plenty of college ministries will allow the next month to pass.

Forget your calendar for a second: Isn’t this one obvious? For some campus ministries, the situation may be even larger – the last ministry event might occur THIS week, and things might not start back up until the second week of school. Is that like 6 weeks?

So that leads to today’s Fridea: Plan several ways you’ll connect with your students between now and when they return to your college ministry.

Schedule these community-building, encouraging, shepherd-like “touches” over the next six weeks. Put it on your calendar; set alarms in your phone. Doesn’t matter if you’ll be paid for those hours or not, or if no overseer (and no student) is expecting it. They should hear from you or someone in the ministry.



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