touching base before they touch base (a week of frideas)

A week of Frideas for an impact before Christmas!

I got to hang out with a couple of old friends last night, and it was a perfect springboard to a powerful Fridea here at the end of the semester:

Encourage your students to strategize making connections with people from their past (for God’s glory).

For your freshman students, they’re likely to run into a bunch of high school buddies. But any of your students might have the chance this Winter Break to make purposeful connections. But have you walked them through that thinking process? Are they already praying about friends and family members? Are they considering doing much more than just “running into” old pals? Will they plug in to whatever Christian community might be available for them there (including their home-church’s college ministry)?

Over the next couple of weeks, consider raising this banner. You might be surprised at the testimonies students return to school with!


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