With hidden hands

I’m a fan of pointing college ministers to what God is clearly doing. I think it’s one of the big ways He reveals our next steps. (If He brings several students from a certain segment of campus, for instance, He might be leading us to focus there. Or if we see a “wide door of effective ministry” open to us through our students’ involvement in intramurals, He might want us to double-down on that endeavor in the future.)

But today, pretty late in our semester, I think it’s good to consider another truth:

God does all sorts of stuff “with hidden hands,” impacting and growing and spreading His grace right under our noses, but also right out-of-sight.

Be encouraged.

And ask the kind of questions of your students, your staff, and others that will help you discover other things God’s up to. (At least as much as He wants to show you!)


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