how did you do?

Today and tomorrow, I’ll be in Indiana to speak for the Indiana Network for Higher Education Ministries on Thursday! I’ll be giving the keynote on the practical results of seeing college ministry as missions, followed by a seminar on student leaders, and I’d appreciate your prayers!

This morning, after the U.S. Presidential election, the question is: How did you do?

Not how did your candidate do? But how did YOU do this year – with the charge to shepherd your students to reflect Jesus in their political activities (or lack thereof)?

As you view your students’ activities and responses this week, as you talk to them and look at their Facebook walls, as you watch their activities on campus… have they been engaging the political sphere Christianly?

  1. Have your students been charitable to others?
  2. Was their decision to vote (or not) based on conviction (instead of simply convenience)?
  3. If they’re engaging politics in a public way, is that choice coming from calling… or just their own personality?
  4. Have they weighed their choices in national and local elections through the lens of Scripture and conviction?
  5. Have they taken the opportunity to turn political discussions into spiritual ones?

These are just five questions; you can ask yourself more to evaluate how well you’ve shepherded your students in this once-in-four-years opportunity.

And because politics will still be “in the air” this week, there’s still time for you to win in this arena (even if your candidate didn’t).


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