let’s get cooking (a fridea)

This one’s a particularly timely idea as Thanksgiving and Christmas approach, but it’s good for any time of year…

One of the options available for helping your students connect with adults – which in this case could be you or your spouse, or church people from the community – is to offer an opportunity for students to learn how to cook. Even fellow students (if they know what they’re doing) could train other students. And international students might throw whole new options into this mix.

Alternately, if several students are already into cooking, you could simply organize some gatherings – an easy thing to invite friends to, for one thing.

Whatever forms this might take, fellowship around food preparation could be an excellent addition to your ministry: An older lady at your church might start by cooking with a few girls from your ministry and wind up (sooner rather than later) discipling an awful lot of ladies. A whole party – drawing from the entire campus – could be built around an “Indian Food Cooking Class.” Guys could learn to cook, and present a banquet of sorts for the ladies near Halloween. Newly trained cooks could serve international students at Thanksgiving or the underprivileged around Christmas. And so on.

In other words, plenty of relationships to build, and long-lasting practical skills to share. That’s two wins right there.


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