another way to think about this

Another way to consider how well you’ve connected Jesus to this politics stuff is to examine how well any of your politically minded students are doing that in their own lives.

If your campus ministry is at all sizable, it’s very likely you’ve got some Poli Sci majors. Other students are interested in politics (at least this month). Both groups – those whose careers will set them in a political realm, and those who have a natural bent toward politics – face the challenge of connecting their spirituality with that passion.

And do you realize, these individuals also have the task – likely for the rest of their lives – of helping others make these connections? At least every four years, they could be “on the job,” helping other Christians understand how to think through political choices, talk about politics, and possibly even engage politics… all in a Christian way.

If our college ministries aren’t creating Jesus-loving, wise, effective Poli Sci students, then what are we really accomplishing?


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