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A few times recently, I’ve been begging you who are college ministers to point your Christian students toward a Christian response to elections, citizenry, and the discussions that are taking place on your campus – in dorms and classrooms, and maybe right in your ministry.

As you might imagine, I end up seeing various communications from college ministries, and one caught my eye this week. So I’m going to do something I’ve never done before (I don’t think): copy-and-paste it as an excellent example of something you could do, too. There’s still time to maximize this teachable moment – but there won’t be for another four years!

My sparse commentary is in brackets:


I hope you’ve been stretched and challenged over the past few weeks as I have been. We’ve spent a few Wednesdays discussing ways to appropriately engage in the political world as followers of Jesus during this election season, and we spent our time last week simply praying for God’s power and presence to be experienced throughout many political spheres. [Were you able to do anything like this?]

I’ve attached the prayer guide that we used to direct our prayer time [this is something you could still do!], and I’d encourage you to continue to pray through these items over the next week. I would once again direct you to Christianity Today’s elections page as a great resource, and I also encourage you to check out a very thoughtful document from the National Association of Evangelicals ( as a helpful source of Scripturally-based, Gospel-shaped perspectives about politics. [I bet you can find more good stuff out there, too.] And remember that absentee ballots for the state of Pennsylvania must be received by this Friday, November 2. [Practical help is sometimes the best service of all…]

[There was other, non-politicky stuff, too.]

If not before, I look forward to seeing you on Sunday morning as we worship God and continue to reflect on what sort of church God is calling us to be.

Chad O.
ACF pastor

“ACF” is Alliance Christian Fellowship, a collegiate church serving the Nittany Lion tribe of Penn State. Again, I encourage you to think about what email(s) you could send this week.


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