cupid’s arrow for your quiver (a fridea)

Anybody in college ministry recognizes that the “Dating Talk” or even a “Dating Series” is a sure-fire way to get students interested. They think a lot about romantic relationships, and it’s not unwise to add some wisdom to that pursuit.

But how prepared are you for when it “works”?

What happens to your students who listen to what you have to say, find someone awesome, and proceed in a godly way? What then? Do you have a strong, trusted, life-impacting go-to for students who need premarital preparation?

It’s sad if we spend a lot of time on a sure-fire “hit” but don’t have a great plan for something I’d argue is a lot more vital. I don’t mean that you need to conduct a pre-marital program or be available for 2-on-2 counseling for every engaged couple. And yes, I recognize that plenty of your students aren’t getting engaged. But some are, and others are at least at the “seriously dating” stage – which is probably a better time for premarital discussions, anyway.

The encouragement / Fridea is simply to find (or create) a very strong premarital option for your students. Where? How?

Well, regardless of what kind of campus ministry you have, this will likely come through a local church (or local churches). Maybe some have robust programs; many will at least have couples who, with some solid training, will make excellent premarital counselors. Or maybe you and your own spouse will get involved here, too, drawing from various books and resources to create robust (there’s that word again!) preparation for one of the most important steps your students will take.

What would you suggest to your students right now? Do you trumpet premarital training to your students, in the midst of all that dating talk?


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