when’s the last time you helped “do justice” on your campus?

The question for today is in the title. I know college ministers from some organizations wouldn’t put this as a priority, and probably most of us don’t put the ideas of “justice” and “on our campus” together all that often.

But really, if we’re faithful members of the campus community… and really more to the point, if we’re missionaries to our campuses, then somewhere along the way our ministries should be generating justice.

I don’t know how it will look, and I know that the winsomeness of Daniel and his buddies has to prevail. But “doing justice” is still part of our call, and doing justice in our own “Judea” probably is, too. Let’s follow in the footsteps of William Carey, the missions pioneer – who loved seeing conversions but also loved helping keep widows from burning to death.

Again, not sure how this gets fleshed out. But a robust collegiate ministry effort will probably see it happen, right?


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