the draw of the show (a fridea)

From the “involve yourself where students are already involved” files…

Have you considered about hosting an event – or even forming regular fellowship groups – around the TV shows your students (and their friends) are already into?

An obvious choice would be the weekly football game (at least when your team’s got an away game). Big sports moments – like the World Series or the Super Bowl – are other obvious choices. Even the debates this month – if done wisely – would be a great way to get students together (and disciple handling politics well).

But what about regular series? Anything you hear your students talking about?

And there’s a lot of ways to do this: Watch a show the night it airs, DVR it and watch at a better time, grab some DVDs and have a marathon. Further, the group can vary: it might be just girls or just guys; it might be the whole crowd. You might hold it in a dorm room or in a huge theater.

Obviously, we have to add wisdom to the mix when we’re dealing with TV, movies, and other media. But if you’ve got students who are still excited about watching shows (even if they tend to watch ’em online), this is an opportunity not only to fellowship, but to fellowship with guests.

And it’s a perfect thing to hand off to students to plan. They’ll do it better.


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