learn your changes (a fridea)

At this point in the semester / quarter, your ministry may be into its routine. Now’s a great time for a special sort of check-up: discerning the ways in which your college ministry is different than it was in the spring.

It is different. It has to be. You have new students (or if you don’t, you have older students). It’s a new school year on your campus. There are at least little, subtle changes. You might not have noticed. Some of your students might not have noticed. But they’re there.

So this week’s Fridea may be tricky, but it’s a big opportunity. Because you get to find out, in real-time, where you stand, what people are noticing, and where you’re gaining – or possibly losing – ground.

How can you do this? Consider polling your staff or volunteers, if you’ve got some. But also find some of those students who are most likely to have noticed this stuff – not your favorite students, but your “observant” students, whatever that means in your context.

And then ask them.

Of course, this is also a good chance to construct a short survey, with great questions, that you can pass out every year. Wouldn’t it be great to compare some “hard evidence” to last year? This is a year to start that process.


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